I believe Jesse Osmer to be the strongest candidate by way of experience, values, and judgment. Jesse has developed a unique understanding of government function and dysfunction while serving in Northern Michigan, and his experience will mean effective and well-planned actions from his first day as State Representative. I trust Jesse’s conservative, but not hard line, thinking and his ability to intelligently debate, and act, on the tough issues.
Tom Moran, Owner of Moran Iron Works, Presque Isle County
I’ve known Jesse for almost a decade. Over the years I’ve witnessed him work to get good men and women elected to public office, lead committees and efforts to make government more accountable, and work tirelessly defending individuals from overreaching bureaucrats through his work with Dr. Benishek, our U.S. Representative. I encourage you to join me this August in voting for Jesse Osmer, our next State Representative!
Brenda Fournier, Alpena Township Trustee
I have known Jesse for several years now, and throughout that time he has countlessly proven his leadership skills and tenacity for public service. There is no doubt in my mind that Jesse will truly be a voice for the people of the 106th district, as his stewardship to his home knows no bounds. I endorse Jesse Osmer for the office of Michigan State Representative of the 106th District, and look forward to him serving the people of the Sunrise Side with spirit and vigor.
Vinny Szczerowski , President of Michigan State University Students for Life and Presque Isle County Republican Precinct Delegate
Jesse has always impressed me as a person with a special blend of passion, commitment, attention to detail and thorough knowledge of the issues. I know he will put his heart into representing the people of northeastern Michigan and that he has the experience to be immediately effective as our 106th District Representative.
Dr. Eric Lawson , Educator, Professional Musician and Alpena County Commissioner
For years I’ve known Jesse Osmer to be a man a tremendous integrity who I can always count on to help solve a problem, give sound advice, and get a job done right. I have no doubt that Jesse would be a powerful voice for our common northern Michigan values if we are fortunate enough to have him become our next 106th District Representative.
Jeanene Cooper, Teacher, Author, and Cheboygan County Republican Precinct Delegate
Jesse Osmer is an honest, genuine and caring individual. He knows how to get things done and does what he says. Jesse is a true conservative with traditional values. I feel he will make a great Representative for the 106th District here in the lovely state of Michigan. That is why I am endorsing Jesse Osmer.
Carrie Mullins , Secretary for the Alcona County Republicans
Jesse was always there to reassure myself and others young individuals who identify as Republicans, that the principles we embrace; limited government, respect for tradition, and individuals responsibility were ones we could carry with us through life. I am now in college, and I can verify that he was right. I appreciate Jesse’s commitment to making sure that Republican ideals are passed on to next generations. I look forward to supporting Jesse for State Representative.
Emily Hansen, Former Chair of the Alpena Teenage Republicans (2013-2014)
On behalf of the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee, we would like to thank you for your pro-life commitment to the protection of human life, born and unborn. Therefore the RLM-PAC is honored to endorse your candidacy in the August 2, 2016 primary election. The years ahead will bring us new opportunities to defend the civil rights of the unborn, handicapped, and elderly frail. Your support and leadership will be absolutely essential to restoring the basic right to life to the most helpless members of our human family.
Michigan Right to Life , RLM-PAC
I’ve known Jesse for nearly ten years. During that time he has proven himself to be a consistent conservative who cares deeply for our region and our communities. I believe that he will successfully use the knowledge and experience he’s acquired while working for Dr. Benishek and be an effective legislator for our region. I know Jesse will fight to get us the attention we deserve. I support Jesse Osmer for State Representative, and I urge those in our community to do the same.
Howard Viegelahn , Presque Isle County Farmer and Former Republican Candidate for State Representative - 106th District
(Osmer has) demonstrated a commitment to free enterprise and a sincere desire to make Michigan the best state in the county to live, work, raise a family or build a business.
Richard Studley, President and CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce
We have known Jesse for many years, and find him to be hard working, conscientious, courteous and a real asset to the Republican Party. We are proud to support him as a candidate for the Michigan 106th.
Duane and Barb Durflinger, Presque Isle County Republican Precinct Delegates
We need to elect men and women who will defend our constitutional rights. I found my candidate. On August 2, I will be supporting a 2nd Amendment Candidate for State Representative, I will be supporting Jesse Osmer.
Jorden Susewitz, Owner, The Extreme Predator Hunt
Jesse continues to demonstrate what most people in Northeast Michigan already know: that he has been representing this area for nearly six years and will continue to do that once elected. Whether it’s traveling countless miles across the region to keep me updated on the issues happening at home, helping constituents battle bureaucracy, chairing the largest political committee in our district, or working on highly targeted campaigns, Jesse has always fought to preserve our conservative values. I hope you join me in supporting a candidate with the knowledge, experience, and network to effectively represent the people of the Sunrise Side.
Dr. Dan Benishek, U.S. Representative, Michigan's First District
We are all past or present volunteers at the Alpena Senior Citizens Center, we support our fellow volunteerJesse Osmer. Jesse’s job with Dr. Benishek keeps him very busy. Yet he always finds time to fit in a few shifts overing lunch, dinner, special events, and other programs. He often stays around after shifts to discuss issues individuals might have or need assistance with; Jesse has shown he cares. Having gotten to know Jesse, we are confident that seniors in our area will have an advocate in Lansing who will be looking out for our best interests.
Sanford (Jim) Mott, Susan M. Roy, Patty Denstaedt, Cheryl and Ronald Stevens, Current and Former Volunteers at the Alpena Senior Citizens Center